shortcut for Exporter::Tiny


   use Exporter::Shiny qw( foo bar );

Is a shortcut for:

   use base "Exporter::Tiny";
   push our(@EXPORT_OK), qw( foo bar );

For compatibility with Sub::Exporter, the following longer syntax is also supported:

   use Exporter::Shiny -setup => {
      exports => [qw( foo bar )],


This is a very small wrapper to simplify using Exporter::Tiny.

It does the following:

  • Marks your package as loaded in %INC;
  • Pushes any function names in the import list onto your @EXPORT_OK; and
  • Pushes "Exporter::Tiny" onto your @ISA.

It doesn't set up %EXPORT_TAGS or @EXPORT, but there's nothing stopping you doing that yourself.


Please report any bugs to http://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Queue=Exporter-Tiny.

See Also

This module is just a wrapper around Exporter::Tiny, so take a look at Exporter::Tiny::Manual::QuickStart and Exporter::Tiny::Manual::Exporting for further information on what features are available.

Other interesting exporters: Sub::Exporter, Exporter.

External Module
This module is not included in the base Type::Tiny distribution. It needs installing from the CPAN separately.