Installing Type-Tiny should be straightforward.

Installation with cpanminus

If you have cpanm, you only need one line:

  % cpanm Type::Tiny

If you are installing into a system-wide directory, you may need to pass the "-S" flag to cpanm, which uses sudo to install the module:

  % cpanm -S Type::Tiny

Installation with the CPAN Shell

Alternatively, if your CPAN shell is set up, you should just be able to do:

  % cpan Type::Tiny

Manual Installation

As a last resort, you can manually install it. Download the tarball and unpack it.

Consult the file META.json for a list of pre-requisites. Install these first.

To build Type-Tiny:

  % perl Makefile.PL
  % make && make test

Then install it:

  % make install

If you are installing into a system-wide directory, you may need to run:

  % sudo make install


Type::Tiny requires at least Perl 5.8.1, though certain Unicode-related features (e.g. non-ASCII type constraint names) may work better in newer versions of Perl.

Type::Tiny requires Exporter::Tiny , a module that was previously bundled in this distribution, but has since been spun off as a separate distribution. Don't worry - it's quick and easy to install.

At run-time, Type::Tiny also requires the following Perl modules: B , B::Deparse , Carp , Data::Dumper , Scalar::Util , Text::Balanced , overload , strict , and warnings . All of these come bundled with Perl itself.

Certain features require additional modules. Stack traces on exceptions require Devel::StackTrace . The Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny plugin for Reply requires Reply (obviously).

Type::Tiny::XS is not required, but if available provides a speed boost for some type checks. (Setting the environment variable PERL_TYPE_TINY_XS to false, or setting PERL_ONLY to true will suppress the use of Type::Tiny::XS, even if it is available.)

The test suite additionally requires Test::More , Test::Fatal and Test::Requires . Test::More comes bundled with Perl, but if you are using a version of Perl older than 5.14, you will need to upgrade to at least Test::More version 0.96. Test::Requires and Test::Fatal (plus Try::Tiny which Test::Fatal depends on) are bundled with Type::Tiny in the inc directory, so you do not need to install them separately.

If using Type::Tiny in conjunction with Moo , then at least Moo 1.006000 is recommended. If using Type::Tiny with Moose , then at least Moose 2.0000 is recommended. If using Type::Tiny with Mouse , then at least Mouse 1.00 is recommended. Type::Tiny is mostly untested against older versions of these packages.

Type::Tiny and cperl

cperl is an extended version of Perl with various incompatible changes from the official Perl 5 releases.

As of Type::Tiny 1.010001, cperl is a supported platform for Type::Tiny with some caveats. At the time of writing, Moose will not install on the latest cperl releases, so using Type::Tiny with Moose on cperl is untested. Moo can be forced to install, and Type::Tiny is verified to work with Moo on cperl. cperl not only enables a new warnings category called "shadow" (which is good; they're potentially useful) but switches on shadow warnings by default (which is annoying). Type::Tiny does not (and likely will never) attempt to work around these warnings. If the warnings bother you, you should be able to catch them using $SIG{__WARN__} . Certain features of Eval::TypeTiny are broken under cperl, but they're not thought to have any practical effect on Type::Tiny or its other bundled modules.

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