Implementations of Type::API::Constraint::Inlinable MUST also implement Type::API::Constraint .

Implementations MUST provide the following methods:


Returns a boolean indicating whether inlining support is available for this type constraint.


$variable_name will be a string such as '$_' or '$_[0]' . Should return a string of code that may be evaluated to determine the pass/failure of the value in the given variable. The string MUST NOT include return , goto or other flow control keywords that would make it unsuitable for inlining into a larger function.

There is not currently any mechanism to request that the string of code in a particular programming language, nor a mechanism for the implementation to indicate what language it has generated. However, the implementations that have been investigated have returned Perl 5 code. Nevertheless, this is an area for further investigation.

Implementations MAY advertise that they support this interface by returning true for $constraint->DOES("Type::API::Constraint::Inlinable") .

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The following CPAN classes are known to implement Type::API::Constraint::Inlinable:

The following CPAN classes implement this interface with a minor difference; the inline_check method is called _inline_check instead. Tools wishing to make use of this interface should consider supporting this variation.