Type::Tiny Stability Policy

Type::Tiny 1.000000+ is considered stable. Any changes to the API that are big enough to require changes to the test suite will be preceded by a six month notice period, with the following exceptions:

Experimental and Unstable Type::Tiny Features

The following list is currently non-exhaustive.

Type::Tiny Versioning Policy

As of 1.000000, this distribution follows a versioning scheme similar to Moo , which is based on a semver -like three component version number, but with the last two components each represented by three decimal digits in the fractional part of the version number. That is, version 1.003002 of the software represents "1.3.2".

Additionally, releases where the second component is an odd number will be considered unstable/trial releases. (These will also include an underscore in the version number as per the usual CPAN convention.)

Perl Version Support

Type::Tiny 0.000_01 to Type::Tiny 0.015_04 required Perl 5.8.1.

Type::Tiny 0.015_05+ and Type::Tiny 1.000000+ requires Perl 5.6.1.

Type::Tiny 2.000000+ will require Perl 5.8.1.

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